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Why get involved in Voluntary Arts Week?

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  • To grow your group – If you’re looking to attract new members, Voluntary Arts Week is the perfect opportunity to profile your group and get more people involved in your activities.
  • To raise your profile – The extra exposure brought about by this special week can help raise your group’s profile in the local media, potentially boosting participant and audience numbers.
  • To celebrate your achievements – Groups work hard all year round, both behind the scenes and in front, and this is a chance to come together and celebrate all that you’ve achieved.
  • To feel part of something – Knowing that you’re part of a nationwide event celebrating the arts and crafts reminds us all that we’re part of something bigger. A warm feeling inside is distinctly possible.
  • To help boost the voluntary arts nationwide – The more groups and individuals who take part in Voluntary Arts Week, the bigger message it sends to local and national decision-makers about the importance of arts and crafts activity. So let’s make it a big one!


Check out our step by step guide to running a Voluntary Arts Week event:

  1. Event Ideas
  2. Planning your event
  3. Publicising your event
  4. Useful linksfind out about creative organisations working to support creative groups and organisations like yours!
  5. List your event on the ‘What’s On’ page