Planning your event

You have an idea for an event in mind; you know the range of dates to hold it in (11 –19 May). You’re already halfway there.

Here’s a few things you need to think about when planning your event:

  •  Date– when are other activities happening in your community? Could you partner up with another event and work together?
  • Time– find out when the majority of people you want to attract will be available.
  • Location– Will your usual location be suitable for higher numbers of people? What about your local town hall, cafe or community centre – maybe you know someone who is happy to open up their garden so you can set up an outside event? (but have a back-up plan in case the weather isn’t on your side!)
  • Logistics– Bear in mind disabled accessibility, health and safety, toilet facilities, materials for workshops, refreshments, general accessibility (car parking etc.) and make this information clear in your publicity. 
  • Advertise–  Visit our section on publicising your event for more info and make sure you list your event so we can help you start spreading the word.

Information, advice and useful links

Below is a list of Voluntary Arts Briefings that you can use as a guide when planning your Voluntary Arts Week event.  Click on the headings below to find out more:

Organising an event…

Eventful Planning

Risk assessment for event organisers

Events Checklist – disability and access

Organising a weekend event

Finding a venue – some new ideas

Displays and exhibitions for voluntary arts organisations

How to write a successful funding application

Just how safe are you. Health and Safety for voluntary arts organisations

Publicising an event…

Putting your arts or crafts group on the map – ten ways to get noticed.

Publicity Explained

Planning a marketing campaign

How to… write a press release

Working with groups of other art or craft forms

Community media as platform for the voluntary arts and crafts

Creating a Facebook presence

Welcoming new members…

Increasing and Maintaining Your Membership

Welcoming newcomers to your group

Young Adults and Voluntary Arts, Three models to promote participation

Reaching out to new audiences

Welcoming speakers of different languages

Looking for help with something that isn’t on this list? You can find more briefings here.

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