Useful links

Looking for ideas on where to hold your event, craft ideas, cheap materials, ways to get the word out there about your group?  These organisations may be able to help:


3Space works in partnership with landlords and leaseholders to offer organisations that benefit the community temporary free of charge access to otherwise empty properties. On their website is a list of vacant properties throughout the UK, perhaps there’s one in your area that would be a perfect location to host a mini art/craft festival!



ScrapstoreUK are a fantastic resource for community groups who are in need of high quality art and craft materials for their members.  The range of materials in your scrapstore changes from day to day and could include card, paper, textiles, paint, corks, wool, cardboard tubes, netting, gauze and a thousand other things!

All scrapstores have different means of accessing their scrap materials. In some you need to pay an individual membership fee, at others you simply pay for the scrap you take on the day. Many scrapstores also have shops open to the public selling high quality art and craft materials from glue to paintbrushes to complement the scrap.


Craft Club

Craft Club is all about championing Craft in Schools, Galleries, Libraries, Community Centres, and anywhere else you can bring people together to pass on your craft skills! Whether you want to set up a club, learn from a club or volunteer for events, by navigating through their website you can find out about how best you can get involved!


BBC Things To Do 

A great way to spread the word about your activities and events throughout the year!

Things To Do lets people find free and non-commercial activities by the BBC and our partners connected to BBC TV, Radio & Campaigns. Visitors to the website can simply enter a postcode and find hundreds of activities going on in their area.

We welcome partners who are run on a not-for-profit basis or are a public service organisation to upload their activities and get them publicised for free. If your organisation offers exciting activities that engage children, families and individuals to participate in activities then share them with Things To Do and gain the benefits of publicity through this free BBC 

Knowledge & Learning website. We want to be sure that partners’ benefit from a long-term partnership with Things To Do.


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